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Green Life Media (GLM) is a video content monetization solution that provides navigation through various platforms and all aspects of the emerging cannabis industry. Plus, we do it in-house and offer opportunities on our own Green Life TV as well.

Green Bee Life
Cannabis centric network, lifestyle brand and eCommerce platform on Green Life TV (coming soon).

Professional & Production Services
We provide the insight, experience, and connections to help you rise to the next level. We craft content and business strategies that enable fast growth and higher monetization.

Expanding New Media and Cross-Digital Platforms
Looking to target the more than 78% of U.S. consumers streaming at least one OTT service industry today? GLM is focused on driving audience migration for cannabis content creators who want to increase awareness (and profitability), branch into mainstream broadcasting, and/or maximize their presence in the digital space.

As a full-service production company, GLM produces and manages all creative, distribution and monetization aspects of programming, each on its own branded networks and/or channels. They showcase emerging talent and content in both the traditional and new media spaces, while also producing and co-producing their own in-house original programming exclusively for their platform.

Technology and Analytics
With GLM, you literally have the world at your fingertips. Our technology partnerships with dotstudioPRO, Source Digital and ReactorOne offer a full set of features designed to provide endless reach to a global audience. From one dashboard, together we can navigate the landscape to find the best path forward to maximize your project’s earning potential. Create, manage and monetize your content. Whether it’s video-on-demand, subscription or ad-based, we find what best fits your project’s needs to maximize your income stream. Get to know your audience with detailed analytics that track activity and distill their habits. The best part? Your content can now be valued in the way it was intended with every dollar accounted for in a transparent way.

Real Connections
Established artists, emerging talent, independent content creators, media companies and brands can partner with GLM to gain massive distribution through a global network, built through many years in the entertainment industry. We provide guidance through the new digital media landscape, as well as traditional network and cable TV.

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