We all want choices. Online shopping has delivered on its promise of convenience with ease. What was once thought of a passing trend, relegated to a niche few who don’t require physically examining their purchases or asking a salesperson various questions. However, now it is safe to say that online shopping is the new normal when it comes to retail. Brick and Mortar retailers have always been limited in what they can store in their inventory as well as the amount of goods they can display.  Let’s face it, not having to deal with pushy salespeople, parking, availability in your region and inconvenient store hours is a pretty great advantage. Online shopping sites are generally simple to navigate and the goods arrive in a timely manner. As any busy, working parent can attest to, it is simply born out of necessity!

Online shopping is at a historic high, with this last Cyber Monday, there was a 17% increase in online sales (that is an average of $270.00 per person). As last year, retail giant Amazon sold up to 64 million items, this year the deep discount offers is sure to have surpassed it. Jeff Bezos (Amazon) waged his bet on shoppable technology as the future of retail and it has paid off. Some delivery options are even happening by drone! It has changed the model of how people shop, of course, pressure remains on traditional retailers. As many malls continue to fold or are on the edge of closing shop, it is hard to argue with the change in consumer shopping. If you want to be relevant as a wide reaching retail business, you must offer your products online.

Green Life Media offers Over The Top (OTT) with special e-commerce integration, a shoppable technology providing customers with efficiency and expediency.

Green Life Media’s own OTT network, Green Bee Life has its own online store will be open for 2018 and is set to change the face of Cannabis! Even though the industry is faced with advertising challenges, the alternative options are there and the demand is most certainly already rushing in.  Soon, it will be normalized to see Cannabis related products more regularly available online alongside other goods.

The future of online retail will most certainly not tap out all brick and mortar stores that seem to be going bankrupt, but chances are you may visit a mall one day filled with mostly retail stores that once were exclusively only online.  At the moment, the shift to online is undeniable, what remains to be discovered is if the ‘bricks to clicks’ transformation will result in empty mall space becoming the fulfillment centers for online retailers.