About Us

Green Life Media, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based media company that empowers cannabis content creators to develop and launch their own branded network and/or channel, on a mass scale, leveraging our OTT platform capturing audiences across all browsers, platforms and devices. The company specializes in giving media companies, individual content creators and brands true video and e-commerce monetization solutions through proprietary multi-platform networks that distribute and syndicate content.

Leveraging Entertainment Industry Expertise & Leadership

Green Life Media was founded by Maria Calabrese, J.D. (former CEO/Founder of MC Squared Entertainment), who recognized early on the disruptive potential of combining modern cannabis content with OTT services. The company’s founder bring more than a half century of entertainment industry experience – from management, marketing and law, to traditional and new media management, to content production and distribution.

Partnering with Innovative Tech Studios

Having established strategic tech partnerships with dotstudioPRO, Source Digital, and ReactorOne, Green Life Media’s cannabis platform offers the tools, services and technologies that put control directly in the hands of those wanting to build their own branded online network or channel, cross over to traditional TV and film, choose a combination of ad-serving and VOD…and earn profit. This means a lot more flexibility, scalability and cross-platform support (Roku, Smart TVs, Facebook, Mobile, Micro-sites) for content owners worldwide.

Launching Branded Channels and Original Programming

In 2017, Green Life Media announced the launch of its own premium digital network, Green Bee Life, whose focus is to destigmatize the modern cannabis lifestyle. Green Bee Life is currently in production with original programming and is offering network, channel and brand partnerships that will yield unparalleled video monetization solutions.

Do you have a vision?

We have a passion for people like you by supporting creative projects with purpose and helping them get the exposure they deserve.

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Maria Calabrese

Founder & CEO

Maria Calabrese, J.D., former CEO/Founder of MC Squared Entertainment, thrives off giving a voice to artists and helping them get the exposure they deserve. Her education and entertainment experience include marketing, law, cross-cultural communications, traditional TV/film management, branding, and production. Collaborating with raw talent to produce groundbreaking work is what has kept her deeply seated in the entertainment industry for over twenty years. During this massive shift from traditional television to new media, her focus has remained on the empowerment, management, and profitability of content creators and talent across all mediums. Like traditional broadcasting, she believes new content does not need just to compete for eyeballs, it can say something and can be commercially viable at the same time.

Maria is excited to help artists and brands grow within the digital space and tear down walls once created by entrenched entertainment industry gatekeepers. She feels we are at the beginning of a new wave of celebrity, where fame and influence can be channeled to produce entertaining yet social-conscious content that still benefits the client, the artist, audience, and advertiser. Her endless energy and enthusiasm has resulted in many awards and dinstinctions, including recently being honored as Mentor of the Year 2016, from LA Team Mentoring, a Non-Profit organization that provides services for at-risk youth.