Brand Partners

Exciting New Opportunity for Cannabis & Hemp Brands:

Monetize Across Multiple Platforms

Have a great cannabis or hemp related product you’d like to quickly sell to a targeted demographic? Need to connect your brand directly with targeted content, emerging talent and industry influencers? Green Life Media’s (GLM) OTT + eCommerce network is poised to launch products on a mass scale.

We produce and distribute content through a premium digital platform committed to mainstreaming the modern Cannabis lifestyle. Our partner networks and channels inform, educate, engage and entertain viewers about the inside happenings of the Cannabis world. Providing the premium hub for brands to promote and sell innovative, high-end and/or trending merchandise. Everything from hemp, medicinal and environmental applications, to food and beverage products, to chic fashion.

Through our in-house production team, social integration technology and branded content networks and channels, we’re able to cross-promote and sell your product/s in profitable ways. Maybe you’re looking to clear out overstocked merchandise. Maybe you need engaging product news segments and infomercials. Or maybe you just want to take what you already have (ads, video content, etc.) and push it out to target groups, brand advocates and social influencers.

At GLM we do it all… in house production/infomercials and are expanding our catalogue for our Home Shopping Channel.
while providing new networks and channels, including our own “Green Bee” Lifestyle Network, with channel partner opportunities. We’re actively seeking companies who want to continually build brands and leverage the benefits of our Cannabis OTT + eCommerce network.

Benefits of Branding with Green Bee

Becoming our Brand Partner enables you to:

  • Connect your brand/s with established and emerging industry Talent, Experts and Influencers who will promote (and cross-promote) across multiple platforms—yours’ and ours’;
  • Increase brand awareness in a socially viral way by integrating our network with your own website and social media channels;
  • Feature and sell your merchandise / overstocked items on our networks and through our home channel store. Either use existing product videos from merchants, or let our in-house creative and production teams originally produce/co-produce your content. For example, we can produce entertaining “How to use your product” clips, news segments and/or infomercials that compel consumers to instantly buy;
  • Leverage advertising, sponsorship, product placement and streaming opportunities on a niche, “elevated” and high-profile branded content platform/network;
  • Get valuable real-time insight into your targeted audiences with our proprietary analytics. For example, live-stream a demonstration of an exciting new product.

Let’s Start Branding, Educating, & Entertaining Together

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