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There are more women in the Cannabis industry than any other at the moment! According to a study by Marijuana Business Daily, from 2015, women make up 36% of executive level positions in the cannabis industry, and that is compared to the national U.S. average of 22%. Legal marijuana could in fact become an industry […]

Monetization on YouTube – Algorithm Changes

Have you ever heard of the digital ‘Adpocalypse’? It’s already here. In March, 2017, YouTube announced changes to its automated process for ad placement on its platform and warned its creators that it would begin to ‘demonetize’ videos. These changes included ad-blockers and filters that warn marketers and brands of dubious content. For those creators […]


We all want choices. Online shopping has delivered on its promise of convenience with ease. What was once thought of a passing trend, relegated to a niche few who don’t require physically examining their purchases or asking a salesperson various questions. However, now it is safe to say that online shopping is the new normal […]

Hemp as Sustainable Resource

Hemp really is one of the most versatile plants on the Earth. It provides a myriad of uses such as food, energy and clothes. Still, most people think of hemp as solely a fabric or textile, as the fibers can be found to make paper, canvas and rope. However, did you know it is a […]

dotstudioPRO & Source Digital Sponsor the “Tech This” Mixer

From left to right: Jon Brewer (Bounty Content), Phoenix Gonzalez (dotstudioPRO), Maria Calabrese (Green Life Media), Hank Frecon (Source Digital), Larissa Gomes (Green Bee Life), Chase Crowgey (Green Bee Life) Green Life Media and Green Bee Life were buzzing around last week! We had a great time at the Tech This media mixer, which enjoyed […]

Griff Entertainment Announces They are in the Process of Launching A Cannabis-Themed OTT Network

  Griff Entertainment is thrilled to announce the formation of a Cannabis-Themed OTT featuring premium programming on a wide-range of topics regarding cannabis and the sweeping initiatives we’re experiencing now regarding the legal and responsible use of it. The Cannabis-Themed OTT will produce original programming and is also now accepting submissions for cannabis related partner channels, OTT, and […]

We’re Expanding and Happy to Announce our New Offices

  Exciting news… Griff Entertainment is growing! We are pleased to announce the opening of our new corporate and production offices on Ventura Boulevard in Encino, California. Set to open in January, 2017, our new space has a prime location and plenty of room for future growth. Our new production space will provide access to high-end, professional facilities […]